Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce

Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce Logo2157 1st Street
Livermore, CA 94550

Interim CEO: Sherri Souza


About the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce is a membership association comprised of private businesses, non-profit organizations, public agencies and individuals. Its 600+ members are a diverse and wide-ranging representation that include two national laboratories, major manufacturers – clean-tech, green-tech – wineries, microbreweries, restaurants, retail, hotels, mining, healthcare systems, financial institutions and many more. Collectively, LVCC members represent nearly 30,000 jobs and generate millions of dollars in revenues and economic benefits in the Livermore Valley. Member businesses and their employees also support the local community through volunteerism activities and millions in financial contributions.

Located in the heart of Livermore’s Downtown District, the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce serves as the city’s Visitor Center. Click on the “Visitors” page, or drop by 2157 First Street to pick up brochures and maps to Livermore’s most popular destinations for shopping, dining, recreation, wineries and microbreweries.

LVCC enjoys a long legacy of business leadership in the local community. The Livermore Chamber of Commerce filed its articles of incorporation with the office of the California Secretary of State in 1937. But evidence shows that this chamber was active as early as 1927. (See scanned brochure). Since then the Chamber has been operated by professional staff with oversight and guidance provided by an elected board of directors. In 2011, the Livermore Chamber of Commerce board of directors approved changing the name of the organization to the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce, reflecting the reach of the organization beyond city limits.